Mar 01, 2011

Almost an Explanation of the Semantic Web

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Chris Jones
Principal, Strategy & Engineering

A few blasts from my past talk in this documentary about the Semantic Web. Even after managing 2 million lines of code I can’t help but feel it’s still a science experiment. There are some really important points and debates that surface.

  • Is it truly possible to describe the world, and then map all data to the description?
  • How do we make sense of the volume of data that we create, and what would that really look like?

What no one can do is describe how it relates to you and I. This is the fundamental reason for the Semantic Web failing to become part of the mainstream. My prediction is we will see pieces start to augment products and services without really knowing it. We’ll see natural language processing, structured data and interchangeable self describing data and services become parts of services we already use today.

So watch and I’d be interested if it just sounds like a whole lot of hooey or if there is anything really salient in there.

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