Mar 07, 2011

Blurb Bookify Doubles Customer Conversion

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Marsha Plat
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Blurb BookifyBlurb Bookify

Last year Hot worked closely with the smart folks over at Blurb to create an online bookmaking application called Bookify. The app complements their existing desktop tool by allowing users to quickly and easily make a book online. We wanted users to be able to finish a book in an evening and have fun doing it. In short, the app needed to be quick, easy, and fun. Now five months after launch, we can see if we reached our design goals by looking at the data.

Blurb tracks key user interactions on Bookify. "If it matters, measure it" is their motto. In order to see if making a book is quick, Blurb looked at the average time to complete a book. Things looked good right out of the gate. The first book made was completed in under 28 minutes. On average, users spend about 1/3 of the time making a Bookify book compared to Blurb's existing desktop app.

As for the goal of easy, we were able to follow up with Blurb's customer support who track the number of questions per order. They report far fewer questions per order with Bookify. Another way to measure whether the app is easy is to look at the conversion rate. If the application is easy to use, a user is more likely to complete the bookmaking process and purchase their book. With Bookify, conversion increased two-fold. That means that a new user is 2 times more likely to make a book and purchase it, compared to the existing desktop app. Of course conversion rate was also one of our key success metrics from a business standpoint.

Which leaves us with the last design goal, fun. Unfortunately, Blurb is not currently tracking units of fun, which means that you will just need to go try it for yourself. Give it a go and report back here.

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