Apr 21, 2011

Paper-based UX Development: Get Your Post-its On

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Matt Carlson
Principal, Strategy & Design

Here’s a great article about a small Polish company that has packaged up what we all instinctively do: use sketching and Post-its and paper to sketch out and iterate on user experiences.

Early Adopter: Is the Future of User Experience Design Made of Paper and Polish?

What has Poland done for you lately?

Not much for me either.

But thanks to Marcin Treder, Kamil Zieba and Wictor Mazur, Poland can now add user experience (UX) design tools to its list of exports. The three designers, who met at their day jobs working for one of Poland’s biggest e-commerce sites, founded UXPin: the quietly-famous website prototyping kit made of specially printed paper and sticky notes, beautifully bundled inside its own portable folder.

That description may not send everyone’s hands to their wallets, but over one thousand UXPin kits have shipped in the last three months, and many have been picked up by leading UX and graphic designers all over the world, including folks at BlackBerry, Google, Playboy, Sony Pictures and Yahoo.

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